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The Planet Optimist is a weekly newsletter that focuses on positive stories of climate action taken by big businesses and startups in a bite-sized and easy to read manner. Through this newsletter we want to inform the next generation of business leaders to increase their awareness about how climate change impacts business decisions and what businesses are doing to fight the issue. 


Each edition can be read in less than 5 min and is designed around a theme. Feel free to check out our industry profiles or learn about key climate concepts.

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We send a bite-sized newsletter every week which can be read in less than 5 min highlighting how companies and startups are taking action against climate change. Enter your email address to subscribe now! It's free!  

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and inform the next generation of business leaders about climate change. We aspire to do this by sharing optimistic stories about climate action in companies across industries in a concise format. 

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Kartik Verma


Hi! My name is Kartik and I am originally from Bombay, India. I started this initiative while pursuing my MBA from Univ. of Michigan - Ross school of Business. I realized how how little I knew about climate related issues and started reading more about climate change and its effects. Overtime, I started writing about and shared it with a few friends who encouraged me to start this newsletter and here we are :)

Vipanchi Jain_edited.jpg

Vipanchi Jain

Content Writer

I am so excited to part of the planet optimist! Currently pursuing my MBA from KJ Somaiya Institute of Management with a focus in Marketing. Outside of work I love dancing and reading books!

Mohit Chandak_edited.jpg

Mohit Chandak

Content Writer

Hello! I am Mohit, I just finished my BBA from Ahmedabad University in India with a focus in Marketing. I joined 'the planet optimist' to learn more about this field and I am excited to work on this team.

Kavya Sharma.png

Kavya Sharma

Social Media

I am Kavya, currently a second year undergrad student in Delhi University, India. I am a highly energised spirit always up to do something fascinating in life which in some way or other breaks my boundaries and is challenging enough to be out of my comfort zone.

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