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Become a Planet Optimist

“Everything starts at school!”

The Planet Optimist is looking for highly motivated student leaders to represent us on campus. You’re an ideal candidate if you’re passionate or curious about climate change, already connected with groups and organizations at your school, and excited to expand your network even further. This a great opportunity to boost your resume and make a difference in the world.


The Planet Optimist, a content platform for climate action in businesses, is looking for highly motivated student leaders to represent us on campus. 

  • Primary responsibility will be to spread awareness on campus about climate action in companies 

  • There are multiple ways to get involved (start an EdTech course, become the social media manager or even start a podcast!)

  • Join a community of students from top business schools passionate about climate action in businesses 

  • Learn about how businesses and startups are fighting climate change

  • Commitment for one academic year (not more than 1-2 hrs a week)


To apply, send an email to sharing why you are interested in this initiative. We are looking to appoint 1-2 campus ambassadors in every business school

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About The Planet Optimist

The Planet Optimist is a content platform that focuses on positive stories of climate action taken by big businesses and start-ups in a bite-sized and easy to read manner.


Our mission is to inspire and inform the next generation of business leaders to increase their awareness about how climate change impacts business decisions and what businesses are doing to fight the issue. 

About The Planet Optimist

Why did we create the program?

The primary goal of the campus ambassador program is to inspire and inform future business leaders before they step out of the school. We fundamentally believe that businesses have a huge role to play in the fight against climate change and as future business leaders, we want to inspire climate action right before they step into those roles.

Through the campus ambassador program we want to identify successful leaders who will take this mission to educate their peers and lead by example in the fight against climate change.

Why did we create the program?

What's in it for you?

  • Learn about how companies and startups are fighting climate change

  • Have a stage to your voice in creating impact

  • Bring the change in your community

  • Be part of the growing community of climate enthusiasts

  • Boost your resume for future opportunities

  • And of course, free swag!

Whats in it for you?

What is expected from Campus Ambassadors?

Becoming a campus ambassador is a voluntary role and we welcome all sorts of contributions by ambassadors towards the initiative. There are a few responsibilities that all campus ambassadors will have: 

  • Spread awareness about business climate action through the planet optimist

  • Responsible for growing the audience in your university

  • Publish one article on our website 

We believe that these responsibilities will not take more than 1-2 hrs per week. 

Voluntary responsibilities

In addition to the above responsibilities; we encourage our ambassadors to take up additional roles based on their interests. We believe each of these additional responsibilities to not take more than 2-3 hrs per week. These include (but are not limited to - we are always open for ideas)

Campus Ambassador Lead

  • Lead a group of campus ambassadors to inspire climate action in their universities

  • Organize community events for campus ambassadors and build a community of climate enthusiasts

  • Organize cross - university events (talks on climate change, workshops etc.) to help spread awareness


Chief Editor

  • Build a pipeline of articles to be published on the website

  • Work with community editors and campus ambassadors to help them publish articles

  • Manage the content on the website to ensure accuracy and relevance


Director - Marketing and Social Media

  • Define and execute our social media strategy

  • Create and publish creative content on social media platforms (Instagram primarily)

  • Grown the audience on social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)


Director - Special Projects

  • These span from starting a podcast to starting an online course on climate action. Reach out to us to know more!

Available roles

Eligibility criteria

We welcome students from all universities and programs to join the initiative. We only require that the applicant be:

  • Enrolled in a full-time masters program (preferably MBA)

  • A climate enthusiast

  • Willing to spend 1-2 hrs per week on the program

  • Commit to a the program for at least one academic year

We are looking for campus ambassadors who are interested in learning about

  • Sustainable Business initiatives

  • Technology as key for impact

  • Research and development 

  • Education to awareness

Eligibility criteria

Apply now!

To apply, send an email to sharing why you are interested in this initiative. We are looking to appoint 1-2 campus ambassadors in every business school

For any questions - feel free to reach out to

Kartik Verma
Founder, The Planet Optimist
Email address:

Apply now
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