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Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are specifically emissions of CO2 gas that is released in the air due to industrial or natural factors. Green House Gas or GHG emissions are emissions of any gas such as Methane, Nitrous Oxide etc. which warm the atmosphere. In practice, although all gases are tracked, emissions are reported in CO2 emissions equivalence to monitor emissions on a single scale. 

Where do our emissions come from?

Globally, emissions come from these sources:

  • 24% - use of energy in industrial processes (Iron & Steel, Chemicals etc.)

  • 18% - Agriculture, forestry and land use (Livestock, Deforestation, Crop burning etc.)

  • 18% - use of energy in buildings (11% from residential, 7% from commercial buildings; think A/C)

  • 16% - transportation sector (Road transport accounting for 12% of the emissions)

  • 14% - unallocated fuel consumption etc.

  • 10% - Industrial processes and waste management that do not require use of energy (Cement production, landfills etc.)


Focus on energy usage

Another way to look at our emissions is to look at the same data from an energy usage perspective. 

  • In total, 73% of our emissions come from direct or indirect energy use. 


Source: Our world in data, Climate watch, The World Resource Institute

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